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Company Profile

Businessindex-Nigeria is fully automated and a comprehensive Business Search Engine, covering over 42,000 terms in major sectors, Services, Products and industries. Our aim for this project is to deliver authentic business information in Nigeria into people’s hands with precision; to create a National database and a proper channel for Business Information in Nigeria. Apart from integrating the Nigerian economy into the global market place for wider patronage and putting business information on the fingertips of the public, Businessindex-Nigeria is set to be a reference point for research, market survey and e-commerce thereby reducing the level of cash transactions in the Nigerian system.

BUSINESS INDEX comprises of a comprehensive library of information about products and services traded worldwide; it uses state-of-the-art retrieval technology based on a data-rich electronic thesaurus and integrated knowledge management system. Businessindex is in partnership with Wand, USA; as partners, Businessindex-Nigeria is integrated into Wand’s Global Network of Business Search Engines/Directories accessible in 14 languages including Igbo, Hausa and Yorubato enable users on the globe and in our network countries search locally and get business information both locally and internationally.

Global network distribution
Businessindex-Nigeria is linked together in a global distribution network to allow a company that publishes into local directories in various countries to appear in all the other directories on the network. Basic registrations on businessindex are free, upon payment (upgrade); subscriber’s company, service or product will be synchronized into our network of Directories/Search Engines for wider publicity and patronage.

Product range: Antimalarials, Multivitamins etc

Office Address:
32, Oduyemi Street
P.O Box 3688
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Mr. Ramash Naik- Managing Director
Phone: 08036046140

Name: Adepoju Moses
Phone Number: 08023628589