Chi Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Company Profile

CHI Pharmaceuticals is a member of the Tropical General Investment (TGI) Group. Its operation started in 1990 as a division of CHI Limited until in 1996 when it became a limited liability company. The Company is renowned for the high standards delivered to her customers through the provision of quality essential medicines produced at her world facility located in Ajao Estate, Lagos. It distributes its own products and those of third-party companies which includes Sanofi, Lilly, Servier, Bayer, Vitane, Dexa Medica and Flamingo. Over the years, CHI Pharma has demonstrated competence in supply and distribution of essential medicines to both domestic and international market.

In 2013 & 2014, CHI Pharma became the first company to locally produce Low Osmolarity ORS, Dispersible Paediatric Zinc Sulphate Tabs, Zinc+ORS Co-pack, Dispersible Cotrimoxazole 120mg, as well as Respidone, a brand of Risperidone (antipsychotic).

In 2014, CHI Pharmaceutical Limited became the youngest Nigerian Pharmaceutical manufacturing company to receive WHO cGMP Certification in West Africa.

We enjoy a status of Key Trusted Partner with many international agencies, such as UNICEF, USAID, Global Health Supply Chain-USAID (GHSC-USAID), Global Health Supply Chain (GHSC-Chemonics), Medical Export Group (MEG), Redcross, who bench marked us to international standards qualifying the first supplier in Nigeria to provide locally produced and MNC products for Public Health Intervention in Nigeria and some other African countries such as Niger Republic, Cameroon, Cote D’ivore, Equatorial Guinea etc. CHI Pharma played a key role in the USAID sponsored opportunistic infection (OI’s) control in HIV. We have expertise in handling the tender business and enjoy good relationship with major governmental and non-governmental organizations including:
• National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA)
• Crown Agents
• Partnership For Supply Chain Management (PFSCM)
• Malaria Consortium
• Clinton Healthcare Access Initiative (CHAI)
• Every Woman Every Child (EWEC)
• Society For Family Health (SFH)
• Maternal and Child Health Program
• Several State Central Medical Stores
• Tertiary Health Institutions.

Chi Pharma facility has been audited for Quality, Service, Process, Ethics & Compliance, Pharmacovigilance by WHO, UNICEF, PSM, PwC – US, Servier, Eli Lilly, Sanofi etc.

Mission: Our mission is to provide high quality essential medicines and healthcare solutions at affordable prices, to meet global health needs.
Vision:Our Vision is to be the foremost pharmaceutical company in Sub-Saharan Africa, delivering sustainable growth and creating value for our customers and stakeholders.
• Quality: Sustainable quality Products and Services, including Production facility certified by WHO, UNICEF & USP.
• Affordability: Great value products.
• Service: Fast and professional response to customer need.

CHI Pharmaceuticals corporate headquarters is located at 14 Chivita Avenue, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.
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