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Our foray into Pharmaceutical world started in the late “60. We commenced business as Daily-Need Chemist at 134, Nnamdi Azikiwe Street, Idumota, Lagos. From a small enterprise in 1970, the Daily Need Group has grown into a large scale company ranking among the top pharmaceutical names in Africa. From the Penicillin Ointment, which was our first product in 1973, we have now extended to over 20 products categories.

The successful completion of our Multi-Billion Naira Factory designed to NAFDAC, WHO & USFDA cGMP standards represents a major leap towards the realisation of our dream as we are now positioned for the best manufacturing practices and Quality Standard comparable to anywhere in the world. It not only affords us increased capacity on our existing lines, it also gives us a wider scope to other areas we have not been doing, such as, antibiotics, tablets, capsules and drops.

With our bigger manufacturing capacity and improved processes, we are now more than committed to the Federal Government’s National Drug Policy aimed at achieving 70% National Self-Sufficiency in Drugs through Greater Local Production of Generic and Beta Lactam Products. We are poised to improve Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of our Nation through increased employment and boost export trade with supply of drugs to other African countries.

Aside Daily-Need Industries, which essentially manufactures pharmaceutical products, we also have two associated companies, namely DNI Personal Products Ltd, which makes the Daily Need Toothpaste and other personal products, and Oyin Industries Ltd, manufacturers of the Supply Beef & Chicken Seasoning.

We lay emphasis on our manpower, this is our best resources. Our Board and Management have consistently put the emotion and psyche of our staff and stakeholders as top priority. We are proud to say that our Management and Staff are wholly Nigerians.

We are driven by a desire to create a Positive Impact on the Health of Our Nation, while making available Premium Brands.

Products Manufactured
1. De-Deons Syrup (Haemoglobin and Vitamin B12)
2. Damoxen 125mg Dispersible Tablets (Amoxicillin)
3. Damoxen 250mg Dispersible Tablets ( Amoxicillin)
4. Klofenac 50mg Tablets (Diclofenac Potassium)
5. Rexall 500mg Tablets (Paracetamol)
6. Rexall 125mg Syrup (Paracetamol)
7. Rexall 100mg Drops (Paracetamol)
8. Lozetrim 480mg Tablets (Cotrimoxazole)
9. Biovit Syrup (Mutivitamins)
10. MatthewQuine Syrup Chloroquine
11. Uniplex Cough Syrup (Diphenhydramine HCL and Ammonium Chloride)
12. Uniplex Plus Cough Syrup (Diphenhydramine HCL and Codeine)
13. Matthew Worm Elixir (Piperazine Citrate)
14. Penicillin G Ointment (Penicillin G)
15. Vilicin Balm ( Methyl Salicylate and Mentol)
16. Daily-Need Toothpaste

CEO – Mr. Oluwatosin Jolayemi

Oluwatosin Jolayemi
Mrs. Ngozi Osuji

Daily-Need Industries Limited
Plots 9 & 10 Unity Close,
Off Ladipo Street
Oshodi Scheme Industrial Estate, Lagos

Daily-Need Industries Limited
Plots 9 & 10 Unity Close, Off Ladipo Street
Oshodi Scheme Industrial Estate,
Lagos Nigeria

EMAIL ADDRESS: info@dailyneedgroup.com;
osujin@dailyneedgroup.com COMPANY PHONE NUMBERS: 234 -1-7739387;
234- 8023000353
COMPANY WEBSITE URL: www.dailyneedgroup.com