Hello Products Ltd

Company Profile

Hello Products Limited is an African healthcare company based in Lagos, Nigeria and a member of Jagal Investments.

Hello Products limited develops, manufactures and distributes a range of high quality personal and home care products that support healthier life and safer homes throughout Africa.

It made its way into the market with its leading product Tetmosol Citronella. This found its way into the heart of many with its unique medicated & antibacterial germ fighting properties thereby becoming a trusted and dependable household name.

Tetmosol has proven over the years to be a skin friendly and quality home care brand.

Tetmosol Variants;
Tetmosol Citronella
Tetmosol Baby Soft
Tetmosol Cool Power
Tetmosol Cool Lemon
Tetmosol Deo Fresh

No.1 Family and Medicated soap, produced with high quality ingredients and European fragrance offers maximum family protection.
No.1 Variants:
1 Extra Cool
1 Royal Cream
1 Lemon Burst
1 Orange Splash

No.1 soaps guarantee soft, moisturizing and refreshing feeling throughout the day.