Jawa International Limited

Company Profile

Vision Statement

Our vision is to emerge as an Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company and Healthcare Solutions Provider.

 Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide world-class quality medicines at affordable cost for Nigerians and non-Nigerians. We endeavour availability of such innovative formulations at every nook and cranny of Nigeria and beyond.


The inspiration for our values is drawn from the Scriptures which says: “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, for in her peace lies your own peace”. We cannot but pray for Nigeria and admonish all and sundry to Pray for Nigeria. Hence, not only all our packs but all our official vehicles bear the inscription “Pray for Nigeria”.


Jawa International Limited is a local manufacturing company engaged in the manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products. The company ranks amongst the first 10s of the several companies competing in the Nigerian pharmaceutical market.

The Corporate Office, factory and administrative offices of the company is located at an expansive.

JAWA HOUSE Compound, Plot 6, Abimbola Way, Isolo Industrial Estate, Lagos State. However, we maintain operational Branch Offices in other eight zones spread across the country namely Ibadan, Kano, Yola, Enugu, Suleja /Abuja, Aba and Lagos. We also maintain a team of Medical representatives and managers for marketing and sales in each state of the federation.

We have total staff strength of 450 highly-skilled, professional, experienced, trained and certified staff. We maintain an efficient Information Technology-friendly environment with 24 hours internet facility and modern.


JAWA HOUSE MANUFACTURING FACILITY: Was inaugurated in the year 1998 by Major General Muhammadu Buhari.

JAWA HOUSE compound extends over an area of 4 acres of land and the factory has a built-in area of 61,750 square feet, apportioned as follows:

a) Raw Material and Packaging Materials Store – 16,500 square feet

b) Production Area – 14,750 square feet

c) Laboratory Area – 5,000 square feet

d) Finished Goods Store – 12,000 square feet

e) Office Space – 15,000 square feet


The facilities, combined with the standard operating procedures and high quality control and assurance system are completely in line with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The Quality Assurance Department is fully equipped to carry out all the necessary tests required for both the raw materials, during processing and to the final stage of the finished goods. This nucleus department has various latest types of equipments like HPLC, Spectro -photometer, etc.

Our factory is almost fully automated. This is made possible with the presence of modern, state-of-the-art electronic and computerized equipment that runs the manufacturing process.

This ensures great speed and accuracy, as well as reduces manual labour and errors. In the factory, strict safety measures are maintained to ensure good safety of both the personnel and the equipment. Our routine of meticulous cleanliness and hygiene exercise keeps all the nooks and crannies of the factory and the entire compound clean, orderly and neat always, as befitting a classy pharmaceutical organisation as ours. We have efficient air-control and air-conditioning system that regulates the atmospheric temperature of our various sections in the factory.


 Special feature of our production facility

i. Our capacity to manufacture liquid and ointments is one of the largest in the Country.

ii. The special type of flooring and ceiling we have in the Manufacturing area adds value to our manufacturing process.

iii. An internal, steady and purified source of water supply with fully equipped Water Treatment Plant.

iv. Our production area has an efficient air handling system that circulates fresh cool air, designed to disallow any form of cross-contamination. We have installed a central air-conditioning system with high capacity (HVAC ) and efficient cooling system with clean air.

v. Our Quality Control and Assurance has been one of the keys to our success.

vi. High quality standards are achieved and sustained continuously through qualified and experienced staff and modern equipment.

vii. Two well-maintained stand-by power-generating sets – 300KVA and 450KVA capacities that power up the entire facilities – provide power support.


 Type of Formular

Jawa International Limited is a professionally-managed and technically well-equipped Company backed by effective research. Our core competence lies in the manufacture of the following pharmaceutical finished formulations:

A) Liquid Orals and Externals

B) Antibiotics Dry Syrup

C) Ointments and Creams


Installed Capacity Per Annum of Facilities

A) Liquid Orals – 25 million bottles (15/20/60/100/200ml)

B) Dry Syrup – 10 million bottles of Dry Syrup ( 6ml /100ml )

C) Ointments – 2 million tubes (15/20/25gm)


Government Approvals and Distinctions

i) Pharmacists Council of Nigeria

ii) National Agency for Foods and Drugs Administrative and Control (NAFDAC), and

iii) Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Group of Manufacturers’ Association of Nigeria.


But also we have distinguished ourselves in the following

i. We were awarded the NAFDAC GMP Certificates in Year 2007 and has re-certified for the Year 2017

ii. We were adjudged the Best Antibiotic Manufacturer in Nigeria in Year 2008-2010

iii. ISO 9001-2015 certification in the year 2011 and was also re-certified in the Year 2014 & 2017 respectively.


The Trend in Growth

In the year 1999, we made a humble beginning by launching 5 product branded formulations – Jawaron Tonic, Jawasil, Jawaclox, Jawamox and Jawacillin Today, we have extended our therapy range to over 126 formulations in various potential segments mainly multivitamins, antibiotics, anti-ulcerants and GI disorders, anti-malaria, anti-histamines, antiseptics , pain management, critical care products, anesthetic range of products and oncology.

We are now forging-ahead aggressively to achieve exponential growth, not only through our current product portfolio, but by introducing more than 34 new brands, especially focusing on critical care, superior antibiotics, anti-malaria, anti-diabetic and cardio-vascular drugs. The products are under registration process and should hit the market within 6 months.


 Marketing Network

The company has a strong marketing team with about seventy (70) professionally trained and competent sales force. It has a distribution network spanning across the country, consisting of seven sales depots.

Each of the Depots as under-listed below is manned by two Managers (Marketing and Promotion) and assisted by Six to Ten Medical Representatives.




Our Strength

We have strategically ventured into newer market and expanded our products portfolio thereby enhancing our competitive advantage by entering into marketing arrangement with Albert & David Limited and Swiss Parenterals Pvt. Limited, Aculife Ltd, GLPL (all based in India) with the goal of complementing our locally produced products to deliver government approved, highly efficacious and qualitative cost-effective medicines.

Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

We have engaged the services of a lawyer to pursue cases of inmates at Kirikiri Maximum Prison, who because they had no access to legal services, have languished in prison for a minimum of six years, for trivial offences. It is to the glory of God that our efforts have yielded positive results as seven inmates have been discharged and acquitted by law courts.



On monthly basis, along with our salaries, we remit allowances and donate drugs to old aged homes and orphanages spread across the country.


Our belief in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative has seen us collaborating with several state governments as evidenced by our donation of:

i. Brand New Delivery Van to Ondo State Government

ii. Several Drugs to Osun State Government and Cross River State Government

iii. Brand New Double-cabin Van to the Prison Ministry

iv. Brand New delivery van to Katsina State Government

v. Brand New Ambulance to FMC- Yola and Delivery Van to Kano State Drug Medical Agency


Education Scholarship Awards to over 100 awardees in the last 5 years

We partnered with TULSI Chanrai Foundation in restoring sight to helpless (400) Nigerians through the eye surgical operation, in Taraba, Adamawa, Cross-Rivers and FCT.


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and on human grounds, some of the patients known to us through our customers and friends were treated and sponsored to India by JAWA for different ailments like Heart Surgeries, Cancer, Liver abscess, Kidney Transplant and Bone Surgeries.