Me Cure Industries Limited

Company Profile

Me Cure is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Lagos, Nigeria. For more than a decade, the company has tapped the power of new technology and innovation to advance the practice of medicine.

Me Cure Industries Limited (MIL) is committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare products for people across Nigeria at every stage of life. We do this by developing, producing and marketing affordable generic medicines.

Impact on Nigerian Healthcare Sector Me Cure Industry Ltd has NAFDAC’s approval for more about 80 brands. Our current production capacity is 6 Million tablets, 4 Million capsules, 85,000 syrup bottles per day. These are Quality formulations proudly made in Nigeria, instrumental in saving foreign exchange, creates jobs with opportunities to bring technology and new molecules for the betterment of the society.

Our Mission
"To contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around Nigeria, through the creation of innovative generic and specialty pharmaceuticals."

Our Vision
"Enriching Lives through Innovation in Pharmaceuticals"

Me Cure pioneered the development of novel products based on advances in technology and launched the pharmaceutical industry’s first tablet in a capsule formulation called Liqui-tab Floatcap.

Our manufacturing network is continuously optimized so that our customers can have full confidence in our supply chain. This is enabled by high-volume, technologically advanced distribution facilities. These facilities allow us to deliver new products swiftly and reliably. We continually review our capabilities and capacity.

We believe in
• Innovation, by the introduction of new ideas and methods.
• Integrity by being honest and by always having high moral & principles.
• Accountability by being responsible for the effects of our actions, and being willing to explain or be criticized for them. The core and success of our continuous drive for excellence is expressed in the values of our global team. Their commitment and sense of responsibility are derived from the awareness that every product that we make will affect another person’s health. And health is the cornerstone of our dedication to making life better.

ME CURE “Enriching Lives through Innovation in Pharmaceuticals”