Mopson Pharmaceuticals Limited

Company Profile

Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited is a NIS ISO 90001:2015 certified company. It is a limited liability company incorporated under the Nigerian Companies’ Act. It started operations in 1977. Pharmacist Michael Oyebanjo Paul, a fellow of the West African Post Graduate College of Pharmacists, and a fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria with many years of experience in compounding, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical products is the founder and chairman of the company.

Our Mission Statement

  • Our mission is providing affordable, high quality, essential pharmaceutical products and services that meet customers’ expectation, thus, ensuring their satisfaction.
  • To operate a system that is continually improved upon in conformity with world class standards including ISO 9001 and GMP guidelines.


Corporate Objectives

The company’s objectives encompasses the following:

  • To establish a remarkable market presence in the pharmaceutical industry by continuing to offer high quality and innovative products and service portfolio.
  • To achieve a high return on capital invested in the organisation and ensure sustainable profitability and growth.


Professional Affiliation

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Group of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (PMG-MAN)
  • Association of Industrial Pharmacists of Nigeria (AIPN)
  • The Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited is reputed for the quality of its products – products of excellence as we refer to them. These innovative products were developed by the Research and Development department of the company. They are known for their effectiveness and patient acceptance – ‘patient friendly’. A list of these products and their benefits include;

  1. Neofylin Cough Syrup

A broad-spectrum cough mixture. It’s content of herbal and biochemical actives combine to produce a pharmaco-active system that has both peripheral and Central nervous system cough suppressant action and expectoration.

This product is very effective in cough, cold and catarrh – which makes it a broad -spectrum cough mixture for day and night cough control. Mopson Neofylin cough syrup received the AFRICAN DIRECT MARKETING MERIT AWARD given by the Institute of Direct Marketing of Nigeria as Africa’s best anti-cough drug for the year in 2006.

2. Micpol Paracetamol Suspension

This is the first thixotropic suspension developed in Nigeria. It is the official syrup in Lagos state hospitals. The special features of this product are:

  • Contains no alcohol or glycol,
  • Stable non-sedimenting thixotropic suspension,
  • High bioavailability,
  • Bio-equivalence and prolonged action.

3. Supermag Antacid Suspension

  • A physico-chemically engineered,
  • Thixotropic,
  • Non-sedimenting system to achieve rapid, prolong and targeted antacid action.,
  • Highly effective in dyspepsia, gastro-esophagitis and gastric ulcer.

4. Ascorbion C 300 Syrup

  • Stable high potency vitamin c syrup. At its inception, it was given a stability profile of 2 years and 8 months – Olaniyi et al.
  • However, actual observation of the product after 10 years has shown less than 8% loss.

5. Multivitamin Syrup: High potency Vitamin A syrup – 3000 i.u

6. Mopson Paracetamol tablets: Active micronized tablet.

7. Metronidazole Suspension: Thixotropic suspension.

8. Cotrimoxazole Suspension: Thixotropic suspension.

9. Mopson Methylated spirit: Active methylated spirit.

10. Vitamin C Tablet: Active Chewable Vitamin C

11. Folic Acid Syrup: Stable liquid folic acid

12. Throtal Caplet and Dry Syrup

Brand of erythromycin estolate, with excellent absorption in both aqueous and lipid phases than other esters of erythromycin. It is tailored towards ENT most especially-U.R.T & Acute pneumonia. Throtal is formulated in capsules, caplet and syrup.

13. Asmalyn Syrup and Tablets

A short acting beta 2 agonist for the relief of bronchospasm in- Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Well flavoured and sweetened for patient compliance.


Business Information

1. Business Description 

Mopson pharmaceutical Limited develop, produce, and market drugs licensed for use as medications. Mopson pharmaceutical Limited are makers of both ethical and generic medications. The company’s products are all registered with the National agency for food and drugs administration Control (NAFDAC) in compliance with the statutory regulation.

2. Past Operating Record

Mopson pharmaceutical Limited has been in the business of manufacturing and supply of medicines since 1977. The company has been the preferred supplier of most of the pharmaceutical requirements of government institutions like the Government Hospitals, University teaching hospitals, industrial clinics, private hospitals and clinics in Nigeria.

3.1 Particulars of the Ownership

Name: Michael Oyebanjo Paul

Ownership: 100% Nigerian

Physical Address: 47 Osolo Way, Ajao estate, off Murtala Airport Road, Lagos.

Postal Address: P. O. Box 5147, Oshodi, Lagos.

Mobile Phone: 08022902176 080222900833

Email Address:

3.2 Particulars of the Business

Enterprise Name: Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited

RC Number: 315627

Registered Office: 47 Osolo Way, Ajao Estate, off Murtala Muhammed Airport Road, Lagos.

Awards and Accolades

  1. 2015 LCCI Commerce and Industry Award: Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2. Africa’s best anti cough drug of the year 2006: The Institute of Direct Marketing of Nigeria.
  3. Best Asthma management drug given at the African products Award 2012 by the Institute for Government Research and Leadership.
  4. African Order of Merit in the production of cough management drug 2011: The Institute for Government Research and Leadership.
  5. Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited became a NIS: ISO certified company in 2011.
  6. Award of Excellence by Rotary International District 9110 for outstanding humanitarian contributions towards the betterment of professional and societal values 2002.
  7. In recognition of the company’s consistent record in production of high – quality pharmaceutical products that meets international standard, Mopson Pharmaceutical limited received the 15th International African Award given by the Editorial Office, Paris, France in 1994.

In addition, Dr Michael Oyebanjo Paul, the Chairman / Managing Director received the following accolades in recognition of his contributions to the healthcare system in Nigeria:

  1. Received the ECOWAS INTERNATIONAL GOLD AWARD as a renowned Pharmacist in 1998.
  2. Honoured as the INDUSTRIALIST OF THE YEAR by Rotary International, Ilupeju in 1998.
  3. Guardian Newspaper Man of the year 1998
  4. Fellow: West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists.
  5. Fellow: Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria.
  6. Vice Chairman: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Group of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria

Key Management Staff