Nigerian German Chemicals Plc

Company Profile

Nigerian-German Chemicals plc (“NGC”), a Nigerian publicly listed pharmaceutical company, is a leader in the production of liquid and tablet medicines. The company also has a beverage production facility, subdivided into water and soft drinks.

In the company’s 50 years in the market, it has built a portfolio of brands, several of which such as Abidec, Daga, Gluformin and Valgin are household names in Nigeria.

The company produces and distributes its own brands of medicines, as well as several brands under license from major international pharmaceutical companies.

The company also has a beverage production line, including Sparwasser, its in-house brand of bottled water that is among the most prominent in Nigeria, and other flavored and carbonated drinks such as Vimto and Sunkist, which it produces under license for the Nigerian market.

Address: Plot 144, Oba-Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State

Contact Person: Mr. Benson Inabowa- Managing Director

Tel: 01-8971930