Pharma Deko Plc

Company Profile

In 1962, Pharma-Deko Plc started in Nigeria as Parke-Davis & Company (US) operating a non-trading branch in Nigeria to promote its range of Quality Pharmaceutical products.

In 1969, The Company was incorporated under Nigerian law as PARKE-DAVIS & Co (NIG.) LTD., a private company. Prior to this, the company imported and distributed its product using appointed agents.

In 1972, following the promulgation of the Nigerian Enterprises Promotion Decree 40% Shares were sold to Nigerian Citizens and associations. The company operated under the name PARKE-DAVIS for this period.

In 1977, the newly incorporated company took over the importation and distribution of its products.

In 1980, the company formerly known as PARKE-DAVIS & CO (NIG) LTD. Changed its name to PHARMA DEKO LIMITED, and in pursuance of the Companies and Allied Matters Decree of 1990, is now known as PHARMA DEKO PLC to date.

In 1995, PHARMA DEKO PLC in a bid to entrench itself in the heart of Nigeria’s consumer economy, expands its market share and increase its bottom-line, researched, development and introduced SANS CREAM SODA a sugar-free, healthy drink targeted at high net-worth individuals in addition to its Pharmaceuticals.
SANS CREAM SODA carved a niche for itself and a sizable share of the Nigerian drinks market, being the first locally manufactured and only surviving sugar-free cream soda in Nigeria, contributing over 70% of the company’s turnover yearly.

In 1999, Pharma Deko became the first pharmaceutical company in Nigeria to be ISO Certified.

In 2003, the company introduced other support brands like Dextra Energy, Dextra Black Currant Drinks and Bien Flavoured Water in different flavours (Apple, Peach, Guava, Banana & lime and Tropical Blend). All of these playing in the different segment of the Nigerian drinks market added up, tripling the companies turnover in 2003.

In 2005, the company acquired the property housing former Wiggins Teape as part of a strategic expansion plan
PHARMA DEKO PLC is a dynamic company with competencies in its area of core business, this is evident in the awards and achievements.
Pharma Deko is the first company to research, develop and manufacture a SUGAR-FREE CREAM SODA and FRUIT FLAVOURED WATER in the Nigerian Drinks Market (1995/2000).

Pharma Deko was the first Pharmaceutical Company in Nigeria to be ISO CERTIFIED (NIS ISO 9001) 12th may, 1999 Certificate No. 0000020.

The first company to install a canning line to can its products in Nigeria (2003).
The only company engaged in the manufacture of suppositories in Nigeria (Phardol Suppository brands of paracetamol) administered rectally and Anuproct plain and Anuproct+ brands of Anti-Hemorrhoidal drugs) 1990s.
Winner of the Nigerian Stock Exchange 27th Presidential Merit award for the financial year 2003, in the Healthcare/Chemical & paint Sector.

Location:  Plot C1/1, Okene Close, Agbara Industrial Estate, Agbara, Ogun State,

Contact Persons: Mr. Adekunle Abibu – Managing Director
Mr. Momodu Muktar

Tel: 234-1- 8754538, 08169622189, 08159060293