Vitabiotics Nigeria Limited

Company Profile

VITABIOTICS (NIGERIA) LIMITED was incorporated in 1975 and went into commercial production in the year 1977 as one of the pioneers in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products in Nigeria. The company is engaged in 100% production, from raw materials to finished products.

VITABIOTICS (NIGERIA) LIMITED is a brainchild of Omega Meyer Limited, New Jersey which is composed of world-renown scientists like Dr. K.T. Lalvani, Prof. A. B. Beckett and Dr. Meyer. Vitabiotics has resources of international research and development that complement her operations in Nigeria. New products formulation is a continuous process with Vitabiotics.

The Company has established its own comprehensive engineering tool room facility in Dopemu for repairing the worn out spare parts and offers this same service to other industries, thus helping to reduce the dependence on the import of urgently required industrial spare parts. 

The pharmaceutical industry is a section of health care delivery. This is a hydra-headed section with its facets of production to distribution.

Most of the raw materials used in pharmaceutical production are imported, while the larger percentage of the packaging materials is locally sourced.

In order to guarantee first-class hygienic environment and quality products at all times, which are of vital importance in our industry, structural equipment, maintenance, correction and supervision of erection and commission of plant and machinery are in place; such of which include the extension of the production building, the installation of new water plant and new bottle blower machine.



Vitabiotics Limited U.K is the technical partners of Vitabiotics (Nigeria) Limited.

The results of the active collaboration of VITABIOTICS U.K are reflected in the improved performances, all round productivity, sales, profitability, payments of various taxes to Government, employment generation, development of requisite skills in the Health Care and Pharmaceutical industries in Nigeria.



Vitabiotics believes that all local requirements for drugs can be locally satisfied. We also believe we can extend the export drive of the nation to drugs and other allied pharmaceutical products in the future.

Classes of our pharmaceutical breakthrough include Analgesics, Anti-malaria, Blood tonics, Sedatives, Antibacterial agent and Tranquilisers.

Our popular products are Coflin Syrup, Combiworm tablet (worm expeller), Pentax Caplets, Paragesic Tablets, Asmanol – F Tablets, Vitamin B-Co. Tablets etc.



Inspections and registration relating to the manufacture, packaging and marketing of the products are up to date and in good standard.

Quality is our focal point in Vitabiotics (Nigeria) Limited. We are committed to giving quality products to our customers and safeguarding their health.

We always ensure customer satisfaction through quality customer service; we put quality into our thinking through proper decision-making.

Therefore we shall:

  • Adopt the principles of WHO current Good Manufacturing Practice, ISO 9000 standard and other international guidelines like US FDA in our operations.
  • We always aim at improving our system to keep delivering quality products



Vitabiotics Nigeria Limited regards as most important, environmental protection and promotion of EHS measures at all levels of its operations ranging from point of raw material purchase to consumer safety, which is consistent with our mission of improving the health and well-being of people across the globe.

We confirm our commitment to green pharmaceutical manufacturing and re-state our determination to consistently protect our communities and environment and produce safe products.



We operate an intelligently organized distribution network to Hospitals, the Armed Forces, State and Federal Government and general dispensing chemists and physicians strictly on Cash-on-Delivery or Cash-With-Order basis.



There have been substantial employments of local staff and expatriates at all cadre of the organisation which includes the technical, pharmaceutical, quality control and administrative departments; making up of three expatriates and over two hundred and fifty Nigerians

The Directors of the Company are:

CHIEF ALEX AKINYELE: Born on April 24, 1938 in the village of Tekunle in Ondo State. He was graduated with an Honours Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Ife, Ile Ife, Osun State. He joined the staff of Olofin Anglican Grammar School, Idanre as an English Teacher. He was a Superintendent Collector of Customs and Excise Grade II. He retired from the Nigerian Customs and Excise as an assistant Comptroller in the Public Relations Department in 1978 December 31. He was a member of the Constituent Assembly in 1988. He was appointed as the Honorable Minister of Information for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He was appointed as the Chairman of the National Sports commission in 1992. He was the Chairman of the National Sports Commission in 1992. He was the Chairman and Chief Executive of Cybele, Berkely Clothing Industries Limited. He is a Director and Shareholder of Newswatch Limited. He is the Chairman of Vitabiotics Nigeria Limited.

K.T. LALVANI: Born on 8th December 1931. He is an Indian British National. He has B.Pharm, MR Pharm, F RSA (London), DSC (Bonn) degrees. He is the President of Vitabiotics International with office in U.K; Omega Meyer Limited and Meyer Organic Limited, India, Chairman of Adler Products Limited, Chairman of Europa Medicals Limited, Chairman of Marvel Europa Limited.

MR TEJ LAVLANI: Born on 13th July, 1974. He is a British National. He has B.A (Hons). He is International Marketing Director of Vitabiotics Limited.

MR RAMESH NAIK: Born on 24th January 1965, he is an Indian National. He has Bachelor of Commerce Degree.